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Social Events

SNDJ team of event and experience architects are available in Madrid, Malaga and Ibiza to be of your immediate support. We scout and contract unique venues and create bespoke ambience and décor. Our excellent catering service and experiential entertainment content make your event as one to never forget. We only provide customized experiences, fully tailored to your needs. Our international team passionately takes care of your event from invitation to departure of your guests with great eye for detail. We bring innovative ideas and concepts to reality.

Sound Design

Original music; Modern sound design; Dub mixing for TV, surround, online; Voice over facilities; Tracklay for long and short form film and Television; Foley and specialised field recording / recording for specific sound design elements; VR, AR and binaural audio; Comprehensive private library music catalogue;

Graphic Design

If you’re looking for creative ideas that drive high conversion rates, content that inspires action and design that just won’t let you look away then you’re in the right place. We’re SNDJ and our mission is to create unforgettable communications that enable businesses to stand up, stand out and turn their ideas into extraordinary success. Work with us and we’ll figure out what you want (or what you need) and then make sure you get it.

Social Media

Social Media is part of our DNA. Unlike ad agencies, PR firms, digital shops and media companies, who added social media to their mix of pre-existing services, we built Ignite Social Media from the ground up to focus 100% on delivering social media marketing. That means our team of strategists, content creators, analysts, web developers and promotions specialists work together in our Team Circle model to provide brands with a holistic approach.

Artist Support

The SNDJ support program assists SNDJ artists to realize a career goal, take advantage of a professional opportunity, or to produce and present an artistic project.

Worldwide Movement

Thousands of people around the world have been taking action and raising their voices to harness a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make the world better. From Kenya to India, South Africa to Brazil, London to New York, young and old have been taking to the streets and sending world leaders a powerful message - we must end poverty, reduce inequality and stop climate change.